Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tv shows

Posting on here is definitely going to be occasional. Life has just been very busy only about 30 percent through the book I am reading been very slow going. Kept up with the shows we've been watching well mostly. Not even watching that many. Current watching list is: The Walking Dead, Agent Carter ( ok season just finished so now Agents of Shield, Arrow, Flash and DC's Legends. The last one I'm still in the fence on. Tried watching Super Girl but just couldn't get into to much clique which most of the DC shows have annoyingly been doing this year. They just haven't been as good as normal and well Super Girl? I've never been a huge fan of the superman genre so just couldn't get into it.

Overall I enjoyed Agent Carter and hoping they do another season. Not sure if they will rumors are flying that it won't happen since the main actress signed on to another series, but she claims she can do both.

Now in the subject about more seasons here's hoping they do another season of X-Files or a movie SOMETHING please? Cause I can't handle were they ended it. It was so good and then bam! WTF!! That's all I will say about that right now.

Have been enjoying Walking Dead more there back to more of the core characters but Carol has been strangley absent :/. Though I like were they went with Michoine and Rick just hope that doesn't mean she will end up dead I like her more then Rick. The actress is going to be here  at Fan X which is at the end of the month. But I only have a Thursday ticket and she won't be here that day. I have issues with hug crowds so any other day at the cons puts me into hug panic attacks. So unfortunately most of the bigger actors do not come on the first day so I miss out on that but I keep my sanity.

The one Saturday I did go to I did not last all day and it ended up with me finding a somewhat empty back room to try and recollect myself before trying to muddle through the crowd once more.

And lastly now Warching Walking Dead and there's Carol LOL!