Sunday, June 26, 2016

How does that make you feel?

Took A to the children center under the advice of his pediatrician. He thought that maybe they could be helpful with them. Basically they are patchologists for kids. We went on Wednesday for his evaluation. Honestly I was not looking forward to it because I did not want him being diagnosed with something I knew he didn't have.


Learned something sbout myself that day I am not a fan of talking about my feelings to a complete stranger, at all. A would be doing something and she kept asking me how I felt about it most of the time felt not much was just watching A snd hoping they didn't bring up any problems I know he doesn't have. But of courage hey tries she said he had a few tendencies of autism because his hands twitch a little. *roll eyes* That's the only autistic thing he does. When asked what I felt about it I just said nope not him. He doesn't rock, react to bright light lights, or loud sounds and he makes eye contact to everyone. I know his delays are due to his heart surgeries. There had been Dom correlation to this as well. 

Even last week one of my heart mom groups was deiscussomg speech delays and a lot of moms like myself mentioned there kids all have them. And yea u an saying all this cause the lady was trying to say it wasn't correlated which I admit annoyed me. Good news is she didn't feel he needed to be seen there and does he thetapy should be enough ❤️. Yay! But she mentioned I should maybe have him tested to see if he needs physical therapy if it's not one thing it's another.

Lastly shout out for ideas my husband is on a low salt diet and we need recipe ideas! If anyone have any ideas let me now. 😊

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards a book review

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, a final adventure before settling down. But after a perfect start, an encounter with a young couple on a night train forces Daniel and Laura to cut their dream trip short and flee home.
Back in London, Daniel and Laura vow never to talk about what happened that night. But as they try to fit into their old lives again, they realise they are in terrible danger—and that their nightmare is just beginning…
For the most part I liked the book, didn't love the twist ending tg be part of it is because the character it dealt with didn't care for her either not that the other character was oblivious to it. Now the book could have been better there was some parts that just had big errors. If only the author did just a little bit of research and it would have been better. But I know what is going on here. The author who isn't a terrible writter had two top seller books and this one? Was written a little to fast so it could come out on the coat tails of the first two books. He should have taken a little bit more time to flesh it out more.

One of my problems with the book is that the main characters supposedly British use American slang and covert kilometers to miles but only Americans use miles. British terms are randomly used but slang is never used by the characters. I mean if your writing someon from a specific area use there slang! Bring in the authenticity. Another was that the main character bought  something online right after his debit card was cancelled because it was stolen. I know it was written because the author was being lazy still come on you can't use the card right after it was canceled *face palm*.

One more thing that can be spoilerish so don't read if you are going to read the book though I figured it out right when it happened. Anyways here comes a spoiler turn away before its to late! The main character Daniel is an app maker and was stupid enough to open an email from his x girlfriend which was obviously not from her and put s virus on his computer. Now come on if you are a computer techie your not going to click the obvious virus emails seriously why put that kind of stuff drives me crazy!! Ok *takes deep breath* better now. It wasn't a horrible book it kept me interested and parts of it I had a hard time figuring out but others like the twist at the end just annoyed me. From other reviews I have read Mark Edwards first two books are much better then this one so those would probably be the safer bet over this book.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The helpers

 This is going to be a new type of post I'll will be putting up from time to time. In a time of so much negativity we need to seek out the good, because it tends to be buried just below the surface of all of the bad.

The call for blood donors to help the victims in Florida was answered in miles of lines of people. ❤️

Chick-Fil-A employees made sandwiches on Sunday and brought them for the people waiting to donate blood.

The go fund me page to support those affected has reached over a million dollars!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

There is some good in the world and it's worth fighting for.

I absolutely love this quote and have always believed this.

I now people wonder why I read so much about the halocaust because of the reason above. Yes it was a horrible time where a group of people did terrible things to other people, but buried under surface was people who did what they could to protect others. Even at the risk of there own life. There will always be ad people but there are good people to. Sure there are Hitler's out there but there is also Schindler's. Saw it today after the call for blood after the massacre brought out s lot of people. The lines of people show that even though there are bad people in the world the good far out number them it's just the other group tends to be louder and of course scarier.

My thoughts are with Orlando

I don't normally like to write or talk abut certain things because people can be so very judgmental and I'm not the best with confrontation. By now most people should have hear about what happened in Orlando. 50 people are dead another 53 injured. And yes I said people I know they are part of the LGBT community but that should not matter, They are people who deserve to live as much as anyone else, to love and be happy. I have several friends who are LBGT and no I see them no differently from my other friends, in fact they are closer friends to me then others. It saddening that people can only see hate to others but it is there, it is always there.

Prejudice, hate it is always here and it always will be unfortunately. Be it part of human nature and well most is taught into us at such a young age how can it not be there?  I rarely discuss my own religious beliefs, since I... don't really have much of one. I'm not of any religion nor do I classify myself as atheist I'm just me. I've had my own judgment put on me due to this especially since I was born in a state who is strong in one type of religion and some have treated me different;y because of it. Region, who you love should not be seen as a lesser person, but it does and as I've said I do feel it always will. People have a hard time dealing with something different from them. Some of it is taught at a young age. In the past I always pointed to Star Trek the Undiscovered Country. Something that is pushed onto you for so long, seeing someone as something else even if they are a decent human being just part of a label you have a problem with brings bias.

Chancellor Gorkon: You don't trust me, do you?
 I don't blame you. If there is to be a brave new 
world, our generation is going to have the hardest time 
living in it. 
This ind of thing just makes me feel sick and sad. Sad for the victims affected and sick because I know nothing can change the fact that this kind of thing will stop.  Because it won't people will always hate, and there will always be bad people in the world. its just part of life all I can do is continue to be the person who I am and maybe not be so shy about posting all the parts of me. I know who I am even if it  mean others will have a problem with me, but for m friends who are a art of the LBGT community and do not hide who they are I should do the same right? I mean if people have issues with me for being me then I want them to say it so I can cut that person from my life and move on and be happy.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Same day in day out

Not a whole lot is going on for us right now. Hubby is still not feeling great he felt off yesterday like last week when he went to the ER. We think it'll just take time and with working and what not it will just take time. Which sucks we are not doing a real n right get now just to hard on him. He is waiting two weeks before going back to rehab following the advice of his doctor. He is walking a few blocks most everyday. Just not yesterday cause he over did it at work and most likely not today it's been raining all day.

Admittingly I am becoming a bit stir crazy hubby has suggested I just take the boys and go out but just the grocery store with these two is hard. Four year olds can be a challenge and when my oldest is hyper getting him to stay calm and be good is also hard. Usually come home more stressed and restless then I was before the outing. So for now it's being stir crazy at home.

Haven't watched a ton either unless Gravity Fall counts My seven year olds new obsession. Still working on getting season two of Daredevil finish so far once again it's never a disappointment. Watched Deadpool last weekend and it was alright either or was to over hyped for me or I was not on the right state of mind for said movie. Guessing it is a little bit of both. After we finish Daredevil going to buy and watched last drain of Game of Thrones. We don't have HBO so have to wait until it's released to see the last season and have not had time to get to it yet. Really hard not to get spoiled when you have to wait that long but as I said before we can't afford the movie stations so we wait. Now one series I watch on Netflix which is on umm the cw? I think is Beauty and the Beast season three is finally avaliable so I'll be watching that soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Burned Bridges of Ward, Nebraska (book review)

First off I am beyond glad to say I didn't not buy this book. I have Amazon prime and this is one of the books that I get for free once a month. So far I have yet to really enjoy any of the free books, either I keep picking the wrong book or they are free for a reason. Feel this one was free for a reason. It is suppose to be a satire and I've never been a fan of satires just it takes a lot to make me laugh. And this one did not.

Parts were just plan dumb and OK. I get were the author was going with it just wasn't in the mood for it. Basically it makes fun of the fades of the day and partial goes into the over diagnosis of ADHD which I do feel is over done. But it's humor about it was just meh. The main character as annoying and yes stereotypical which I know was done on purpose. It was just a blah book that I would not recommend to others and honestly do not feel like wasting much time writing about it either. In other words ending this post here.

Friday, June 3, 2016

It's looking like rehab had him over do it. So far all tests have come back good and his echo has improved since his last one two weeks ago before the stents so that's good. Just waiting for a blood result of it comes back good we can go home. He just needs to rest this weekend.

Not sure if I've mentioned this before but the things you see and hear in an er is crazy. Can't imagine working in one day in day out much respect to those who do!
ETA: his blood work looks good we are now just waiting for them to get us out of here, which can take an hour or two... Why are they so slow???

Back in the car again

At the moment we are sitting in the er because hubby has shortness of breath and his blood pressure is acting high once more. Hoping it's something minor and we can get out of here by later today.

Not sure if I mentioned it here but Aiden was seen on Tuesday by his pediatrician he did have some water in his ear which was causing him to fail his hearing test and they have official written him up as having asthma and is now on restricted play. No outside play on red and yellow days, mainly set up for school which he might be starting preschool on the fall will know for sure Monday with his iep meeting. I'll update about hubby once we know more. Waiting on blood results and an X-ray. So it will be a while.

Oh and lastly bought some bamboo for the boys room because I heard it could help clean the air for those who have asthma if it works cool if not it's still pretty.