Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Work, work, work

Sorry for my lack of and shortly written posts. This has been my main view the past few weeks: 
Been coming on to work everyday since the beginning  of the month. Once again a lab had a disaster and I've been coming in for my normal hours during the week and some extra on the weekend setting up that lab's samples. On one hand being in there shoes before ( the lab I work out burned down  a year and a half ago.

Well ok it was more water damage then fire damage but still the building was a total loss. Thankfully they had good insurance and we kept being paid during the period of finding a new building. They even made sure that we had our medical insurance which was a blessing considering my youngest went in for surgery on his neck during that transition.

So what I was tying to get at was yes I understand how much it sucks to deal with that but it doesn't make me any less tired. I'm way behind on reading started reading the novel adaptation of The Force Awakens and I'm only one  Chapter in. Not in love with the writing style very much it's  jumpy between the  characters feel like I have to stop and figure out who it is from paragraph to paragraph. Probably like this post been trying to write it all day and with a tired mind here's hoping some of it makes sense! Think I'll stop here because I've lost my train of thought :(.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Walking Dead

I will be writing about this season and last nights episode and so if you have yet to see either spoilers ahead! You have been warned.
Before last nights episode I have been rather disappointed with this season. Most of the characters have had much less screen time and less moments of their character. Just been more of Alexander's people which can be ok is the characters were written well but some just were not that good.

I really didn't care for Jessie she felt very two dimensional and connection between her and Rick felt very forced. They just didn't have on screen chemistry so though the one part last night was bloody and shocking, poor Carl, it didn't bug me that much. Have Rick the push to push to show what he can do, like he did back at the prison. Overall last night episode was a reflection of what walking dead used to be like we had moments with all the characters showing them as there true selves. Daryl kicked ass and the Alexander people who survived are the characters I actual was beginning to like and in my opinion had better character development then Jessie and her boys.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The heart mom/ lab tech geek view.

My youngest was born with a heart defect and had open heart surgery when he was seven days old. It changed my view on many things including how I watched some movies, one in particular. When I first watched Terminator Salvation  one part seemed dumb but a just ignored it and moved on but years later after joining the heart world and learning more that one part of the movie I simply can not stand. The part I am talking about is the heart transplant when I first saw it I just shrugged and moved on, but now? It bugs the hell out of me. First off it's not that simple! The chance that the heart is compatible is 1 in 10,000. And even if they're blood and anti bodies due match no anti rejection drugs? Yeah good luck living long. The body will see the donor heart as a foreign object and will attack it causing the person to go into heart failure and eventual death. And that's if, if he survived the surgery which how could he? They were doing it outside in a nonsterile enviroment without life support! My son's surgery was easy compared to this  and he still needed life support. His heart was stopped and blood was pumped through the machine to oxygenate it while they replaced his aorta with a aorta from a donor. The movie over simplified a very complex surgery and yes this bugs me. People tend to look for movies for some ideas of how things work and showing it that wrong is beyond annoying.

The other thing that can bug me with shows is using random chemical names to describe something. They like to do this with flash and arrow. One was talking about sodium hypochlorite saying false information about it knowing not everyone will know it's common name, bleach. I do because we call it by that name at work. My hubby laughs when I go off on the tv when they say a fancy xhemical name when it's something everyone knows with s more simple name. I know it's silly and not a big deal but it annoys me ;).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life got a bit busy the last few weeks again. In my spare time aka the weekends been helping my family with cleaning out my grandparent's house. Grandfather died last year and house officially signed over yesterday to the new owners. Been a not a easy task so much stuff can be collected over a lifetime. What to keep? Donate? Throw out? Also either the mold or dust in the house did not react kindly to me. Still feeling off two days later. I took a few things including dolls I loved since I was a little girl to an old sex education book from the early 1900's. This book has brought me a lot of laughs so far. Apparently boy like older women when they are 14-15 years old is like having the measles, they'll get over i. And to much of it will make the sex organs stop working. I'll do a much better post later when time is more permitting. Have a great day all!