Thursday, December 31, 2015


 So I have had my kindle for almost four years amazingly I had kept that one safe for that long. The one before it I...well put in the washer. I can say they definitely can not be submerged in water and spun about. It kills it. For my defense it was when Aiden was about three months old and on his feeding tube and I was back to working full time. Bad combination for a tired and stressed mind so after A threw up on a blanket I wrapped it up with unknowingly my kindle in it. Anyways for Christmas this year I did ask for a new kindle hubby told me later that one of my presents will be a Christmas slash birthday present because of the cost. My birthday is on January fifth and no I don't mind getting a bigger gift for both days I do this for my husband as well who is born close to Father's Day. Anyways I open the package that hubby says is for both and this was in there:

Total and complete shock! It's the big one the ten inch one. He says d v cause I use it so often. I stream movies and shows on it while I stitch because on e can take only do many kid shows ;). He told me because of how much I do around here I more then deserve it. I'm honestly still in shock.

In case anyone is wondering the video on it is awesome! Also added a few games that have some great graphics and a great storyline not always easy to find on portable devices. Really like this one:

Puzzle game with a great story and beautiful graphics very surprisingly good. Ok that's it for now boys need me :).

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Not so great start?

Ok I was planning on making some great posts to start out this new blog and then? I end up working late, it starts snowing on the commute home so slow going there and both boys are now suck again! Ok typical Tuesday for me as of late but still super frustrating. But on the bright side I have Thursday off and we are planning on watching Antman. One of my gifts I got hubs for Christmas. I'm planning on writing about that and I got the extended version of the third Hobbit movie.

Not sure if I should admit this or not, may feel card might be revoked but I have only watched the third Hobbit movie once, little over a year ago in the theaters. There was just so many things in how Peter Jackson portrayed the last battle that just rubbed me the wrong. Firstly let me say that yes I like Legolas, maybe a little to much but his video game styled fight was to much for me. Partially  because they focused on him more then the drawves. Some of wh seemed to vanish once the joined th battle.  All that characterdevelopment to just go poof when the battle started. 

Also I like Dean O'Gorman (more then the pointy rated elf). And I did not love how they had him in this movie. Lose of screen time for a stupid love triangle  Doubt the extended version will help with my issues with the movie ( not all listed here) but I just want more Fili just a little? Please?

Ok this ended up being longer then o thought going to end this with a photo taken at the last Salt Lake comic con me and Dean O'gorman with my youngest boy. Oldest refused to join photo!

Monday, December 28, 2015

New year (almost) and new blog

Ok I haven't blogged in over a year and I decided to try this again, but on a new blog. My other blog turned into my son's struggle with chd and I wanted to petserve it as that and so it will remain there safe and this new blog will be my writing release on my geeky side.

This blog will be about everything  from the books I read, the movies I watch ( there will be at least one blog post about the newest Star Wars movie), and the games I play. 

First thing I am doing with the opening of this board is joinining a Star Wars reading challenge. I have read many Star Wars books in the past and am more then ready to jump back into reading some more. I may start with the noviliazation of The Force Awakens. For more information on this reading challenge click the link in my sidebar. 

Star Wars has always been special to me. As s little girl my dad traveled a lot for work he was usually out of town Monday through Friday. The rare times he was gone my mom would help with us missing my dad by making it a Star Wars weekend. Star Wars became more to me then just s movie it became a special time with my mom and brother. 

Star Wars is also how I met my husband before I was married I posted to a StR Wars to board my future husband also posted there. We started posting together and began talking over messenger and well he moved from his home in Hawaii to me in Utah. We have now been married for 8 years and have two boys. So yes I love Star Wars just a little. 

Hope everyone who visits this blog likes what they sees and replies to my geeking out.