Friday, January 22, 2016

The Nightingale (book review)


Set during World War Two in Paris, France The Nightingale is about two sisters trying to survive the Nazis occupation. The oldest of the two, Vianne just tries to stay low key and do her best and protect her daughter while her husband is away at war and a nazi soldier lives in her house. While younger sister Isabell full of fire and anger at the occupation joins the French resistance, the Maquis. I actually had a geek moment when I read the name of the French resistance first thing to pop in my head? Oh so that's were Star Trek got the name! Yes silly me.

Overall I liked the book it had its issues being a historical book with fictional characters that's going to happen. I admit I did read others bad reviews of the book after I was done to see if I agreed or not one complained about the parts with torture and concentration camps??? Why are we reading a World War Two book if you have issues reading about those? Silly people. 

One thing I took from the book is that I'm glad we didn't become that world. World of eugenics, world were someone decides on who is good and who is not. If I lived in that world my youngest would not have been allowed to be a part of it due to his heart defects. They  would see it as a weakness but it's not it's his strength.

I mainly read this because I was interested in what happened in France during World War Two, it was much darker then I had realized. Nazis certainly left a dark mark where ever they went. .

I was also surprised to read that when they first targeted the Jews in France they only targeted those not native to France . Of course the majority who were   native were children whose patent's would not leave behind because they had no idea what horrors awaited.

Overall I like the book it had some flaws but what doesn't? Any book that has me crying at the end has good merit to it.

Friday, January 15, 2016


It's been one of those weeks, got hardly anything done what I wanted to because mentally? Just wasn't up to it. my mom's been sick, so have been worried about her ( ear infection, sinus infection and pneumonia) Then on Monday learned that a coworker/friend's mother is in the final stage of Alzheimer's. She can no longer swallow and is being taken home for her final days. Due to current laws she will basically be put on pain meds and will die from starvation... Not any easy concept to think about. :(

A day after learning about this we found out that another coworker has been hospitalized, she had surgery the other week and now has an affection that they can't get under control :(.  Next day I get up for work the check my email and bam I'm shocked at the headline I read. Alan Rickman dead at age 69 from cancer. I instantly have a Luke Skywalker moment "No, no that's not true. That's impossible!" But upon opening the email  I see it to be true.

Only a few actor deaths truly hit me this one does and I find my eyes watering. Hit my limit for the week. I ended up heading to work feeling numb worried about my coworkers and reeling over the loss of Alan Rickman. It's not long before myself and others at work start quoting movies lines like "I'm going to cute your heart out with a spoon." He was in many movies that I loved and watched in my young teen years including Robin Hood and Quigley Down Under. He did great as a villain and I will always love his  rendition of Snape and his done patronus. Spent last night watching Galaxy Quest because yes I needed to.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jurassic World

Sorry for the lack of posts been sick and then my mom got pretty sick and was not in the mind set to post. Even now I can't promise this to be a very long post I just wanted to share something that amuses me each time I watch Jurrasic World and yes it's been multiple times. It's just a in movie but one thing that always get me is these two characters:

Why might you ask why I am can't help but love and or can't get enough of these two? They remind me of my own boys a lot can see these two as future versions of my kids I mean lookie:

I can also see my oldest being more interested  in his phone then what's going one around him while my youngeat? Nope he'd be running from place to place to see it all :). Now of course if anyone out there criticizes that those to can't possibly be brothers well points at her brown eyes brown haired boy and blue eyes, blond curly haired boy. You'd be wrong ;).

And as stated forgives for a shorter post tonight and going to end it here just ping to add I liked the addition of homage if the other movies in this one including the soundtrack. Very nice touch especially for us soundtrack junkies, yeah that would be me.  If you see me at work with my headphones  on its most likely a sound track or Two Steps From Hell ( they do trailer music). Ok that's it for now bye!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Boar Stone (book review)

The Boar Stone is the third book in the Daleiada trilogy. I read the first two books years ago and when trying to find a new book to read I remembered that I had never read the last book in the series so I picked it up. It's not as good as the first two books or takes many many years after the first two books all new characters ones that didn't feel as well developed. The main male character was so not developed well he felt very two dimensional and just a lot of the story felt forced. I'm glad I finished the book though just a bit disappointed with this book.

Now the current book I am reading has been much more interesting and is very well written it is called Nightingale. It takes place during World War Two on France during the German occupation. I am not that far in but so far it is really good.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


We did get to watch Antman this weekend not sure if will be watched biganything  else on DVD for a while though our did player is acting up. Found that out when I went to watch tomorrow land ( my mom had an extra copy and gave it to me). Have not seen that movie yet and if I can't get my player going it might be a while before I do see it. 

Anyways it worked for Antman. I was a little unsure about this Marvel movie but decided to watch it because it is a part of the marvel franchise and didn't want to miss s piece. That and both my husband and my oldest son liked it. They had s father son day at the theaters while I stayed home with our youngest. I was happily surprised I didn't go in to this movie thinking it was going to be as serious as the movies by marvel and it wasn't and that's OK. It was fun and I liked the connection they did with the other movies. That part I think was my favorite part in the whole movie.

I should admit one thing though the main female character I just st could not place. I knew I had seen her before but want sure where. Well hubby teased me big time for that and yes I deserved it since she was in the movie I had watched earlier that day just in The Hobbit she had long red hair and pointy ears, not short black hair that covered her ears felt dumb for not figuring that out fast oh well. I am impressed by one thing with marvel they hire a large array of actors for these movies. I'm quiet impressed by it really. 

I also admittingly liked the humor they through in the big battle scene with the bag guy. He looked so bad ass but during the fighting they kept the humor in it which I'm not always a big fan of a lot of comedies especially the over the top ones, but this one I liked. The humor was there but not to over board overall it wax just s fun movie that made me laugh. Something hard to find by for me these days.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Version

Have not done nearly as much as I wanted to the past few days. It was going to be a cleaning weekend turned into taking care of my little boy weekend :/. Has New Years Eve off which turned out to be very good thing. A was sick and got worse ended up rushing him to an instant care with what turned out to be a pretty bad ear infection poor guy. He is finally acting a little better today so we watched the last extended version of The Hobbit. 

At first I was wondering if I was in fact watching the extended version everything seemed familiar didn't see any new parts until the last battle and thankfully this version addressed some of the faults I had with the movie. The main one? The fact that most of Thorin's company is not shown fighting after they join the battle. So happy to see them back in the extended  version. Why do all that character development to not use them for the second half of the third movie?

It was also a lot bloodier then the theater version. No surprise there since the added scenes are not rated. Still wasn't perfect but better. The last battle still felt off, to me it was  like abattle zone from World of Warcraft. The drawves has the brewfest Rams and those who went with them were acting all elitist while the horde  were more organized with the battle. I even made the mistake while watching the appearance of the orcs by saying here come the horde! Hubby had a good laugh with that oops. The flags reminded me of arathi basin. Still it can be a fun movie if you turn off some of the annoyances I had about it like not enough Fili. Though they'd have a little more of him in the extended version since he dies but no oh well. Guess if I want more Dean O'Gorman I need to rewatch The Almighty Johnsons hmm I might just do that ;). Ok I'm out of here for now.