Monday, May 30, 2016

Tasty Science

It's been a bit of a long weekend since hubby can't do much yet, and well money is a little low after getting hit with $350 by the ER and $119 in medicine. Makes it a but difficult to pay for much. And playing out in our backyard has been hard to. Our neighbors has a dick for a dog who always barks at us and tries to jump the short fence which I had been hoping to replace this year. I just do not trust that dog. I have taken them out back a few times but the dog is ALWAYS there and it seems either neighbor never is or just doesn't give a damn. Why do people have dogs who never ever take care of them? Every house I have ever lived at ended up with a next door neighbor who had a dog that they  never really take care of. Just leave them back there and never stop them from barking ever. At least this one cleans up after them its more then I can say for the last two.

So anyways been  trying to keep the boys happy and busy. I bought a kit a while back for Connor called Tasty Science, it has science projects that you can eat.
We tried two of them today first a fizzy drink that made the boys laugh a lot. Thankfully I added the water over the sink because it bubbled everywhere. It was fun to make but not all that tasty. Next we made cookies where one half we used blue food dye and the other half none. Its  suppose to show how looks can make people biased towards it. I umm.... biased it because the dye was thick and hard to mix in (seriously is sucked) and I thought after cooking the blue ones I added vanilla to the others. Both were not bad but the vanilla ones were better next time we do this when I by decent food color dye to try thee real experiment we can.
Also the way they had us cut put the cookies made them tiny and I mean tiny; like quarter size, which OK it is for tasting so they should be small but it made a few cook rather hard cause of how small they are. Still Connor had fun and he really wants to try the rock candy, but I do not have a clean clear jar.  so that will just have to wait, but if and or when we do, do that one I'll take pictures because if it works that one has the potential to be pretty fun. Only problem is it takes more then a week to do that one and Connor has no patience and I mean no patience with these kind of things. He asked me about 5 times if the cookies were ready when they were cooking for 12 minutes. We will just see how that one goes.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

When it rains it pours.

In a blink of an eye your whole world can change. I've had moments in my life that have completely changed everything.

This little guy being a prime example. I like to think ahead to make plans of what to do in my life. i am learning with a steep learning curve that planning rarely works and one moment can will change everything. One such major moment in time for my little family started last Friday. My husband, Kaleo, known by our internet friends had been having problems with his blood pressure. Earlier that week he went to see our family Doctor and yes his blood pressure was screaming high. They increased his blood pressure meds but five days later he was not feeling well.  He was feeling pressure on his heart and just felt off and could no longer ignore it. He was scared and needed answers. So much so he was going to go to the ER at 9 at night alone. Not wanting that I made a quick call to my parent's and got the boys to my parent's house.turns out his blood pressure was still high even though the pressure cuff we had at home showed he was OK. Obviously it was wrong and he was admitted that night to the hospital so they could get him under better control with new meds.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New normal

It's only Wednesday and this week can be over already. It's been a not so easy week to say the least and for once it's not work stressing me out its just well life. Hubby has high blood pressure (it's genetic) and the medicine he has been taking for taking for ten years Isn't working anymore and his blood pressure as been very high. They have given him new medicine were just waiting to see if it will keep his numbers more normal, so far he's still high but he goes back Monday were they will if needed tweak his meds again hopefully they get it figured out fast. He hasn't been feeling well for obvious reasons. Just want him feeling better for Sunday we get to go see Captain America Civil War that day :). 

On top of that my youngest is sick again and he always takes it to the next level .

See what I mean? This was this morning his third treatment since last night. He was super grumpy after this but once the Tylenol kicked in he was back to his usual self, just wish he had a better night. Hoping this does not turn into something more, poor guy ends up with an ear infection with about a third of the colds he gets :/. Not fair.

Because of all this decided to read s book called The Butned Bridges of Ward, Nebraska.
It's suppose to be just a funny book about a single mom living in a small town. So far? Eh it takes a lot to make me laugh most things that people are as funny just don't work for me. Take the new Ghostbusters coming out, not my kind of humor at all I'll watch it when it comes out on tv, but definitely not in the theaters. I'll also keep reading the book I'm not that far into it just on page forty do it has time to redeem itself. The one good thing about the book? I got free because I have Amazon prime, do that helps.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Scarlet by Marrisa Meyer: book review

I tried with this book I really did I know a lot of people like it, it has some great reviews on goodreads but I had a hard time with it,  basically had to force myself to finish the damn thing. So where to begin?  Well first off this book had the one part that I hate most in stories in general. Call it my biggest story Pete peeve as it were its making  characters stupid for no other reason but to have added shock values ate ron the story. I can't stand this in books or shoes or movies..don't get me started on the second Jurrasic Patk movie. So in Scarlet one of the msin characters, Cinder, has a big secret that she isn't hiding all that well. She basically tells one of the other characters her secret and he seems to not hear it and she moves on to another subject. Honestly this thing drives me crazy. When he finally founds out the truth even with all the facts in front of his face he can't seem to believe it bleh.

Another book a classic that I read out of curiosity Dracula, also used this pet peeve of mine in the story. The main characters get Van Helsing to help hunt down vampires. And somehow even though he is the world expert he nor anyone else could understand howanother  character kept walking up pale, weak and suddenly wearing a scarf around her neck. OMG some expert he was that character was annoying anyways back to Scarlet the description in the book wasn't as good as the first felt in the first I got a decent look at Cinder but books to felt like I was an outsider not fully seeing the picture,

My last problem was the new relationship developed in the book felt forced didn't care for it though admittingly I'm also not a huge fan of romance novels so that probably effects my views on it as well. Overall it was ok doubt I'll be reading more from this series.  In fact I may stay aeay from YA books for s while need books with more detail which YA books don't have. Need more Game of Thrones detail...Ok maybe not THAT much detail just more.