Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Not so great start?

Ok I was planning on making some great posts to start out this new blog and then? I end up working late, it starts snowing on the commute home so slow going there and both boys are now suck again! Ok typical Tuesday for me as of late but still super frustrating. But on the bright side I have Thursday off and we are planning on watching Antman. One of my gifts I got hubs for Christmas. I'm planning on writing about that and I got the extended version of the third Hobbit movie.

Not sure if I should admit this or not, may feel card might be revoked but I have only watched the third Hobbit movie once, little over a year ago in the theaters. There was just so many things in how Peter Jackson portrayed the last battle that just rubbed me the wrong. Firstly let me say that yes I like Legolas, maybe a little to much but his video game styled fight was to much for me. Partially  because they focused on him more then the drawves. Some of wh seemed to vanish once the joined th battle.  All that characterdevelopment to just go poof when the battle started. 

Also I like Dean O'Gorman (more then the pointy rated elf). And I did not love how they had him in this movie. Lose of screen time for a stupid love triangle  Doubt the extended version will help with my issues with the movie ( not all listed here) but I just want more Fili just a little? Please?

Ok this ended up being longer then o thought going to end this with a photo taken at the last Salt Lake comic con me and Dean O'gorman with my youngest boy. Oldest refused to join photo!


  1. Love and adore the new blog style. Also I agree, while I adore the Hobbit movies (extended versions are great) I was super proud of Viggo M for turning down a part in the Hobbit due to his character not being in the books.
    The love triangle was super not needed (even though I adore Aiden T.) he didn't need that to make his role in the movie.
    I, like you, keeping planning on posting something to my blog and then not getting around to it - I need to just make time and get it done.
    Love you!

    1. I didn't mind that Legolas was in the movies, it was his people who capture him and it is briefly mentioned in the fellowship of the rings at the council that he was there. Just he was in it too much especially movie three completely over shadowed the drawves.