Thursday, December 31, 2015


 So I have had my kindle for almost four years amazingly I had kept that one safe for that long. The one before it I...well put in the washer. I can say they definitely can not be submerged in water and spun about. It kills it. For my defense it was when Aiden was about three months old and on his feeding tube and I was back to working full time. Bad combination for a tired and stressed mind so after A threw up on a blanket I wrapped it up with unknowingly my kindle in it. Anyways for Christmas this year I did ask for a new kindle hubby told me later that one of my presents will be a Christmas slash birthday present because of the cost. My birthday is on January fifth and no I don't mind getting a bigger gift for both days I do this for my husband as well who is born close to Father's Day. Anyways I open the package that hubby says is for both and this was in there:

Total and complete shock! It's the big one the ten inch one. He says d v cause I use it so often. I stream movies and shows on it while I stitch because on e can take only do many kid shows ;). He told me because of how much I do around here I more then deserve it. I'm honestly still in shock.

In case anyone is wondering the video on it is awesome! Also added a few games that have some great graphics and a great storyline not always easy to find on portable devices. Really like this one:

Puzzle game with a great story and beautiful graphics very surprisingly good. Ok that's it for now boys need me :).

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  1. Way to go K! The picture on that is gorgeous.