Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Work, work, work

Sorry for my lack of and shortly written posts. This has been my main view the past few weeks: 
Been coming on to work everyday since the beginning  of the month. Once again a lab had a disaster and I've been coming in for my normal hours during the week and some extra on the weekend setting up that lab's samples. On one hand being in there shoes before ( the lab I work out burned down  a year and a half ago.

Well ok it was more water damage then fire damage but still the building was a total loss. Thankfully they had good insurance and we kept being paid during the period of finding a new building. They even made sure that we had our medical insurance which was a blessing considering my youngest went in for surgery on his neck during that transition.

So what I was tying to get at was yes I understand how much it sucks to deal with that but it doesn't make me any less tired. I'm way behind on reading started reading the novel adaptation of The Force Awakens and I'm only one  Chapter in. Not in love with the writing style very much it's  jumpy between the  characters feel like I have to stop and figure out who it is from paragraph to paragraph. Probably like this post been trying to write it all day and with a tired mind here's hoping some of it makes sense! Think I'll stop here because I've lost my train of thought :(.

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