Monday, February 15, 2016

The Walking Dead

I will be writing about this season and last nights episode and so if you have yet to see either spoilers ahead! You have been warned.
Before last nights episode I have been rather disappointed with this season. Most of the characters have had much less screen time and less moments of their character. Just been more of Alexander's people which can be ok is the characters were written well but some just were not that good.

I really didn't care for Jessie she felt very two dimensional and connection between her and Rick felt very forced. They just didn't have on screen chemistry so though the one part last night was bloody and shocking, poor Carl, it didn't bug me that much. Have Rick the push to push to show what he can do, like he did back at the prison. Overall last night episode was a reflection of what walking dead used to be like we had moments with all the characters showing them as there true selves. Daryl kicked ass and the Alexander people who survived are the characters I actual was beginning to like and in my opinion had better character development then Jessie and her boys.

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