Sunday, February 7, 2016

The heart mom/ lab tech geek view.

My youngest was born with a heart defect and had open heart surgery when he was seven days old. It changed my view on many things including how I watched some movies, one in particular. When I first watched Terminator Salvation  one part seemed dumb but a just ignored it and moved on but years later after joining the heart world and learning more that one part of the movie I simply can not stand. The part I am talking about is the heart transplant when I first saw it I just shrugged and moved on, but now? It bugs the hell out of me. First off it's not that simple! The chance that the heart is compatible is 1 in 10,000. And even if they're blood and anti bodies due match no anti rejection drugs? Yeah good luck living long. The body will see the donor heart as a foreign object and will attack it causing the person to go into heart failure and eventual death. And that's if, if he survived the surgery which how could he? They were doing it outside in a nonsterile enviroment without life support! My son's surgery was easy compared to this  and he still needed life support. His heart was stopped and blood was pumped through the machine to oxygenate it while they replaced his aorta with a aorta from a donor. The movie over simplified a very complex surgery and yes this bugs me. People tend to look for movies for some ideas of how things work and showing it that wrong is beyond annoying.

The other thing that can bug me with shows is using random chemical names to describe something. They like to do this with flash and arrow. One was talking about sodium hypochlorite saying false information about it knowing not everyone will know it's common name, bleach. I do because we call it by that name at work. My hubby laughs when I go off on the tv when they say a fancy xhemical name when it's something everyone knows with s more simple name. I know it's silly and not a big deal but it annoys me ;).

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