Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Version

Have not done nearly as much as I wanted to the past few days. It was going to be a cleaning weekend turned into taking care of my little boy weekend :/. Has New Years Eve off which turned out to be very good thing. A was sick and got worse ended up rushing him to an instant care with what turned out to be a pretty bad ear infection poor guy. He is finally acting a little better today so we watched the last extended version of The Hobbit. 

At first I was wondering if I was in fact watching the extended version everything seemed familiar didn't see any new parts until the last battle and thankfully this version addressed some of the faults I had with the movie. The main one? The fact that most of Thorin's company is not shown fighting after they join the battle. So happy to see them back in the extended  version. Why do all that character development to not use them for the second half of the third movie?

It was also a lot bloodier then the theater version. No surprise there since the added scenes are not rated. Still wasn't perfect but better. The last battle still felt off, to me it was  like abattle zone from World of Warcraft. The drawves has the brewfest Rams and those who went with them were acting all elitist while the horde  were more organized with the battle. I even made the mistake while watching the appearance of the orcs by saying here come the horde! Hubby had a good laugh with that oops. The flags reminded me of arathi basin. Still it can be a fun movie if you turn off some of the annoyances I had about it like not enough Fili. Though they'd have a little more of him in the extended version since he dies but no oh well. Guess if I want more Dean O'Gorman I need to rewatch The Almighty Johnsons hmm I might just do that ;). Ok I'm out of here for now.


  1. I did the same thing when we saw it at the theater! I was like "wooooh Brewfest!" lol I still haven't watched any of the extended versions of the Hobbit films, I may do that now. ;)

    1. Honestly I do recommend the extended versions that's they only way I watch the movies now it adds so much to the movies even shows gah can't remember his name the bear guy fighting.