Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New normal

It's only Wednesday and this week can be over already. It's been a not so easy week to say the least and for once it's not work stressing me out its just well life. Hubby has high blood pressure (it's genetic) and the medicine he has been taking for taking for ten years Isn't working anymore and his blood pressure as been very high. They have given him new medicine were just waiting to see if it will keep his numbers more normal, so far he's still high but he goes back Monday were they will if needed tweak his meds again hopefully they get it figured out fast. He hasn't been feeling well for obvious reasons. Just want him feeling better for Sunday we get to go see Captain America Civil War that day :). 

On top of that my youngest is sick again and he always takes it to the next level .

See what I mean? This was this morning his third treatment since last night. He was super grumpy after this but once the Tylenol kicked in he was back to his usual self, just wish he had a better night. Hoping this does not turn into something more, poor guy ends up with an ear infection with about a third of the colds he gets :/. Not fair.

Because of all this decided to read s book called The Butned Bridges of Ward, Nebraska.
It's suppose to be just a funny book about a single mom living in a small town. So far? Eh it takes a lot to make me laugh most things that people are as funny just don't work for me. Take the new Ghostbusters coming out, not my kind of humor at all I'll watch it when it comes out on tv, but definitely not in the theaters. I'll also keep reading the book I'm not that far into it just on page forty do it has time to redeem itself. The one good thing about the book? I got free because I have Amazon prime, do that helps.

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