Saturday, May 28, 2016

When it rains it pours.

In a blink of an eye your whole world can change. I've had moments in my life that have completely changed everything.

This little guy being a prime example. I like to think ahead to make plans of what to do in my life. i am learning with a steep learning curve that planning rarely works and one moment can will change everything. One such major moment in time for my little family started last Friday. My husband, Kaleo, known by our internet friends had been having problems with his blood pressure. Earlier that week he went to see our family Doctor and yes his blood pressure was screaming high. They increased his blood pressure meds but five days later he was not feeling well.  He was feeling pressure on his heart and just felt off and could no longer ignore it. He was scared and needed answers. So much so he was going to go to the ER at 9 at night alone. Not wanting that I made a quick call to my parent's and got the boys to my parent's house.turns out his blood pressure was still high even though the pressure cuff we had at home showed he was OK. Obviously it was wrong and he was admitted that night to the hospital so they could get him under better control with new meds.

Worried that more was going on they did more tests on him Saturday morning. During the tests I ran home real fats to feed the cats and make sure everything was tidy with are quick run out of the house. Once finished and the boys jackets which had been left forgotten on the couch I was back out of the house and back to the hospital to an empty room. Figuring they had take him to his test I sat down and waited for them to come back. His EKG had looked off from the night before so they were doing a stress tests on him that morning. When he came back he told me how strange the test had been. They came him medicine that simulated a stress test.  We were not fully told results about his tests until the next day. the nurse kept telling us that the doctor would be down soon to talk to us and that he may be at the hospital then we had original been told.

My dad came to visit with Connor, Aiden stayed home with my mom because he wasn't feeling well.

Connor was scared but tried not to show it. We mainly spent the weekend waiting for his blood pressure to get under control and learn what else they wanted to do. Briefly the Doctor finally came in on Sunday to tell us that his stress test came back abnormal and that they wanted to do and angiogram. Spending the nights at home with the boys and days at the hospital I did not allow myself to feel anything with what was going on I was numb.

Monday came and we had to wait until two before he was finally taken down for the angiogram. If they found nothing he would be back in less then an hour. If they found a problem, well then it would be longer and could mean that they needed stents in his heart. Two hours later the nurse finally came back and told me he was down stairs. Three stents were put into his heart and that was partially causing his high blood pressure. We are home now and he is slowly healing from the procedure and I am honelty having trouble trying to process it all.

During it all Aiden had a speech therapy evaluation, he as we all thought has a delay in speech and was accepted into special education with our school district. Exactly what it implies I will find out in a few weeks with our IEP conference. He also did not pass his hearing test which was most likely due to the cold he had gotten over. h has an appointment with his doctor on Tuesday should hopefully now more then.

Been feeling like I am in a fog right now. Went to work for two of the days that hubby was home. both days I was scared out of my min that something would happen because there is always that chance in life. It didn't help that during all of this on I read about a death of a heart mom who was only a year younger then me. she had been camping with her family and never woke up. And then a heart kid got a stent put in his heart the day after Hubby did and he coded the next day, his heart was much more weak then hubby's but it still all scared me.

Only other eventful event was the last day of first grade for Connor.

Surprisingly the kid who was beyond excited for he end of school and a break in homework was by his door at about eleven last night with tears in his eyes.  Turned out he was not happy that school was put and that he was going to miss his friends and especially his teacher. Truth be told I'm going to miss her to. She made such a huge difference in his education this year that I will forever be grateful for her and yes I will miss her as well. It has been an emotional week for us all and hopefully things will clam down soon.

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