Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jurassic World

Sorry for the lack of posts been sick and then my mom got pretty sick and was not in the mind set to post. Even now I can't promise this to be a very long post I just wanted to share something that amuses me each time I watch Jurrasic World and yes it's been multiple times. It's just a in movie but one thing that always get me is these two characters:

Why might you ask why I am can't help but love and or can't get enough of these two? They remind me of my own boys a lot can see these two as future versions of my kids I mean lookie:

I can also see my oldest being more interested  in his phone then what's going one around him while my youngeat? Nope he'd be running from place to place to see it all :). Now of course if anyone out there criticizes that those to can't possibly be brothers well points at her brown eyes brown haired boy and blue eyes, blond curly haired boy. You'd be wrong ;).

And as stated forgives for a shorter post tonight and going to end it here just ping to add I liked the addition of homage if the other movies in this one including the soundtrack. Very nice touch especially for us soundtrack junkies, yeah that would be me.  If you see me at work with my headphones  on its most likely a sound track or Two Steps From Hell ( they do trailer music). Ok that's it for now bye!

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