Friday, January 22, 2016

The Nightingale (book review)


Set during World War Two in Paris, France The Nightingale is about two sisters trying to survive the Nazis occupation. The oldest of the two, Vianne just tries to stay low key and do her best and protect her daughter while her husband is away at war and a nazi soldier lives in her house. While younger sister Isabell full of fire and anger at the occupation joins the French resistance, the Maquis. I actually had a geek moment when I read the name of the French resistance first thing to pop in my head? Oh so that's were Star Trek got the name! Yes silly me.

Overall I liked the book it had its issues being a historical book with fictional characters that's going to happen. I admit I did read others bad reviews of the book after I was done to see if I agreed or not one complained about the parts with torture and concentration camps??? Why are we reading a World War Two book if you have issues reading about those? Silly people. 

One thing I took from the book is that I'm glad we didn't become that world. World of eugenics, world were someone decides on who is good and who is not. If I lived in that world my youngest would not have been allowed to be a part of it due to his heart defects. They  would see it as a weakness but it's not it's his strength.

I mainly read this because I was interested in what happened in France during World War Two, it was much darker then I had realized. Nazis certainly left a dark mark where ever they went. .

I was also surprised to read that when they first targeted the Jews in France they only targeted those not native to France . Of course the majority who were   native were children whose patent's would not leave behind because they had no idea what horrors awaited.

Overall I like the book it had some flaws but what doesn't? Any book that has me crying at the end has good merit to it.


  1. This definitely wouldn't be my cup of tea but what an insightful and fantastic review Heather!

    1. Thanks I was in a strange mood when I wrote that seemed to help ;)