Sunday, January 3, 2016


We did get to watch Antman this weekend not sure if will be watched biganything  else on DVD for a while though our did player is acting up. Found that out when I went to watch tomorrow land ( my mom had an extra copy and gave it to me). Have not seen that movie yet and if I can't get my player going it might be a while before I do see it. 

Anyways it worked for Antman. I was a little unsure about this Marvel movie but decided to watch it because it is a part of the marvel franchise and didn't want to miss s piece. That and both my husband and my oldest son liked it. They had s father son day at the theaters while I stayed home with our youngest. I was happily surprised I didn't go in to this movie thinking it was going to be as serious as the movies by marvel and it wasn't and that's OK. It was fun and I liked the connection they did with the other movies. That part I think was my favorite part in the whole movie.

I should admit one thing though the main female character I just st could not place. I knew I had seen her before but want sure where. Well hubby teased me big time for that and yes I deserved it since she was in the movie I had watched earlier that day just in The Hobbit she had long red hair and pointy ears, not short black hair that covered her ears felt dumb for not figuring that out fast oh well. I am impressed by one thing with marvel they hire a large array of actors for these movies. I'm quiet impressed by it really. 

I also admittingly liked the humor they through in the big battle scene with the bag guy. He looked so bad ass but during the fighting they kept the humor in it which I'm not always a big fan of a lot of comedies especially the over the top ones, but this one I liked. The humor was there but not to over board overall it wax just s fun movie that made me laugh. Something hard to find by for me these days.

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