Friday, January 15, 2016


It's been one of those weeks, got hardly anything done what I wanted to because mentally? Just wasn't up to it. my mom's been sick, so have been worried about her ( ear infection, sinus infection and pneumonia) Then on Monday learned that a coworker/friend's mother is in the final stage of Alzheimer's. She can no longer swallow and is being taken home for her final days. Due to current laws she will basically be put on pain meds and will die from starvation... Not any easy concept to think about. :(

A day after learning about this we found out that another coworker has been hospitalized, she had surgery the other week and now has an affection that they can't get under control :(.  Next day I get up for work the check my email and bam I'm shocked at the headline I read. Alan Rickman dead at age 69 from cancer. I instantly have a Luke Skywalker moment "No, no that's not true. That's impossible!" But upon opening the email  I see it to be true.

Only a few actor deaths truly hit me this one does and I find my eyes watering. Hit my limit for the week. I ended up heading to work feeling numb worried about my coworkers and reeling over the loss of Alan Rickman. It's not long before myself and others at work start quoting movies lines like "I'm going to cute your heart out with a spoon." He was in many movies that I loved and watched in my young teen years including Robin Hood and Quigley Down Under. He did great as a villain and I will always love his  rendition of Snape and his done patronus. Spent last night watching Galaxy Quest because yes I needed to.

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