Friday, June 3, 2016

Back in the car again

At the moment we are sitting in the er because hubby has shortness of breath and his blood pressure is acting high once more. Hoping it's something minor and we can get out of here by later today.

Not sure if I mentioned it here but Aiden was seen on Tuesday by his pediatrician he did have some water in his ear which was causing him to fail his hearing test and they have official written him up as having asthma and is now on restricted play. No outside play on red and yellow days, mainly set up for school which he might be starting preschool on the fall will know for sure Monday with his iep meeting. I'll update about hubby once we know more. Waiting on blood results and an X-ray. So it will be a while.

Oh and lastly bought some bamboo for the boys room because I heard it could help clean the air for those who have asthma if it works cool if not it's still pretty.


  1. There are at least 10 different plants that really help clean the air! Bamboo should help.
    We have aloe plants for the same reason - although with your family history I wouldn't suggest aloe for your home.
    I'm very sorry to hear about Russ! Praying for him!
    I will also send you a link to the mask we got Prissy for the really bad air days - it helps, more than you can believe.

    1. Cool I'll see if he'll wear something like that he's a full about it and thanks we just here waiting again :/