Sunday, June 12, 2016

My thoughts are with Orlando

I don't normally like to write or talk abut certain things because people can be so very judgmental and I'm not the best with confrontation. By now most people should have hear about what happened in Orlando. 50 people are dead another 53 injured. And yes I said people I know they are part of the LGBT community but that should not matter, They are people who deserve to live as much as anyone else, to love and be happy. I have several friends who are LBGT and no I see them no differently from my other friends, in fact they are closer friends to me then others. It saddening that people can only see hate to others but it is there, it is always there.

Prejudice, hate it is always here and it always will be unfortunately. Be it part of human nature and well most is taught into us at such a young age how can it not be there?  I rarely discuss my own religious beliefs, since I... don't really have much of one. I'm not of any religion nor do I classify myself as atheist I'm just me. I've had my own judgment put on me due to this especially since I was born in a state who is strong in one type of religion and some have treated me different;y because of it. Region, who you love should not be seen as a lesser person, but it does and as I've said I do feel it always will. People have a hard time dealing with something different from them. Some of it is taught at a young age. In the past I always pointed to Star Trek the Undiscovered Country. Something that is pushed onto you for so long, seeing someone as something else even if they are a decent human being just part of a label you have a problem with brings bias.

Chancellor Gorkon: You don't trust me, do you?
 I don't blame you. If there is to be a brave new 
world, our generation is going to have the hardest time 
living in it. 
This ind of thing just makes me feel sick and sad. Sad for the victims affected and sick because I know nothing can change the fact that this kind of thing will stop.  Because it won't people will always hate, and there will always be bad people in the world. its just part of life all I can do is continue to be the person who I am and maybe not be so shy about posting all the parts of me. I know who I am even if it  mean others will have a problem with me, but for m friends who are a art of the LBGT community and do not hide who they are I should do the same right? I mean if people have issues with me for being me then I want them to say it so I can cut that person from my life and move on and be happy.

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