Saturday, June 11, 2016

Same day in day out

Not a whole lot is going on for us right now. Hubby is still not feeling great he felt off yesterday like last week when he went to the ER. We think it'll just take time and with working and what not it will just take time. Which sucks we are not doing a real n right get now just to hard on him. He is waiting two weeks before going back to rehab following the advice of his doctor. He is walking a few blocks most everyday. Just not yesterday cause he over did it at work and most likely not today it's been raining all day.

Admittingly I am becoming a bit stir crazy hubby has suggested I just take the boys and go out but just the grocery store with these two is hard. Four year olds can be a challenge and when my oldest is hyper getting him to stay calm and be good is also hard. Usually come home more stressed and restless then I was before the outing. So for now it's being stir crazy at home.

Haven't watched a ton either unless Gravity Fall counts My seven year olds new obsession. Still working on getting season two of Daredevil finish so far once again it's never a disappointment. Watched Deadpool last weekend and it was alright either or was to over hyped for me or I was not on the right state of mind for said movie. Guessing it is a little bit of both. After we finish Daredevil going to buy and watched last drain of Game of Thrones. We don't have HBO so have to wait until it's released to see the last season and have not had time to get to it yet. Really hard not to get spoiled when you have to wait that long but as I said before we can't afford the movie stations so we wait. Now one series I watch on Netflix which is on umm the cw? I think is Beauty and the Beast season three is finally avaliable so I'll be watching that soon.


  1. Praying for his health! If you get a chance - when you get a chance you should watch The Expanse its on a Sci-fy channel.
    Still praying for your husbands good health.

    1. Thanks and if I ever have time I'll look into it. We basically only watch one episode a night since wee to tired after the boys are asleep to watch more ;). And thanks about Russ hoping he just needs time to get better.