Sunday, June 26, 2016

How does that make you feel?

Took A to the children center under the advice of his pediatrician. He thought that maybe they could be helpful with them. Basically they are patchologists for kids. We went on Wednesday for his evaluation. Honestly I was not looking forward to it because I did not want him being diagnosed with something I knew he didn't have.


Learned something sbout myself that day I am not a fan of talking about my feelings to a complete stranger, at all. A would be doing something and she kept asking me how I felt about it most of the time felt not much was just watching A snd hoping they didn't bring up any problems I know he doesn't have. But of courage hey tries she said he had a few tendencies of autism because his hands twitch a little. *roll eyes* That's the only autistic thing he does. When asked what I felt about it I just said nope not him. He doesn't rock, react to bright light lights, or loud sounds and he makes eye contact to everyone. I know his delays are due to his heart surgeries. There had been Dom correlation to this as well. 

Even last week one of my heart mom groups was deiscussomg speech delays and a lot of moms like myself mentioned there kids all have them. And yea u an saying all this cause the lady was trying to say it wasn't correlated which I admit annoyed me. Good news is she didn't feel he needed to be seen there and does he thetapy should be enough ❤️. Yay! But she mentioned I should maybe have him tested to see if he needs physical therapy if it's not one thing it's another.

Lastly shout out for ideas my husband is on a low salt diet and we need recipe ideas! If anyone have any ideas let me now. 😊

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