Sunday, July 17, 2016

Halloween summer festival

Took the boys to the Halloween summer festival in Magna. 

Overall it was fun mainly went for the boys they love anything and everything Halloween. So we went. It mainly had booths that people were selling stuff out a grabbed a few cards from some of the local artists so that I can follow them on etsy.

The one on type has the cool looking jars with different items in. One I really liked I love seashells and it well contained seashells and was thirty dollars and as mentioned I don't have extra cash right now but looking is fun. 

^ screen cap of her etsy shop.

The bottom one  hillzart had some very unique drawings and some pretty jewelry made out of wood.  I've included a secret cap f some of her jewelry From her etsy site, so pretty and unique.

Went with my parents to the festival since hubby is adjusting to his new meds but not that well. Betting he will be calling cardiology once again tomorrow.

Also while we were out some people were dressed in some strange angle costumes guess they were unhappy with the Halloween festival? Not so great picture below its behind d the car :/.

Lastly two more photos from the festival top Star Wars motorcycle from Salt Lake Comic Con. And last speaks for itself just a random photo really🎃. 

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