Monday, July 11, 2016


Can I just say that medical stuff in general is beyond frustrating?? All these tests and still no answers from the doctors. He still feels off and we,as in him and myself feel it is side effects of the beta blocker he is taking but the doctors will not look at it or listen to us.

All we have been receiving from them is hey his heart looks great you shouldn't be having these symptoms! But he is! Gah! He's taken the papers in for his medicines which clearly list the side effects he is dealing with but they won't say that they could be causing it. So frustrating. All my husband wants is for someone to listen to him and see if he can be put onto a different beta blocker. He's looked into it the one he's on is not the only one he can take now to get someone to listen to him :/.

Small side note my next book review may not happen for a while. I am not in the right state of mind for reading. Once I do finish the book I'm reading I'll review it. It just may not happen this month.

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