Friday, July 8, 2016

Zzzquill produce review

Received this from influenster to review the product. It came on Thursday just about perfect timing to be honest I've had little sleep since the first of July, insomnia plus panick attacks sucks ass.

Ok tried it last night and firstly I admit I did not follow the instructions😳. Bad girl right? Now what I didn't follow is that it says is to take two, I took one. I tend to have medicine effect me strongly I only ever take one benedryl at s time fue to hoe I react to it. Two makes me incredibly tired and can't wake up in the morning. As a mom. I can't have that so to make sure it doesn't have with this I took one. Still took me time to get to sleep but after realizing our total out of pocket for medical is 4000 which we hit and not 2500 like it use to be it makes getting to sleep harder. Yay for constant anxiety attacks over well everything. :/ Need to find a way to make a little extra money my etsy store which hasn't really been used might be soon. Shop name rainbowkitties if anyone is curious.

Anyways back to the product once I fell asleep I stayed asleep which hasn't happened for a few weeks now. Do I call that a win 🙂. I am thinking about buying more so that after a week of insomnia I can at least get some rest on the weekend and I hopefully won't completely loose my mind. Really do need a little extra help right now so like I said this came at the perfect time. So thank you Zzzquill for the much needed 💤 last night.

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