Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hubby was seen by cardiology once again today because he is tired of the aweful side effects of his medicine ch and needs something to be done. This time they listened! They have decreased his beta blocker by half and for the next two weeks no cholesterol meds. Hopefully he will feel more like himself. He's hoping he feels better by Saturday because I have plans to take the boys to a festival with my parents and he wants to feel well enough to go will just have to wait and see.

Side note I am so frustrated with my yard right now. Trying to keep it in ok shape. Can't add anything to broke for thy but at least trying to keep the weeds at bay but these keeps happening:

Think we have a vole problem. Darn little guys keep causing dirt piles all over my grass the damn things are destroying my yard. Don't know what we can do to get rid off them either. Can't afford an exterminator and doubt it would work hey are not just in my yard. Kill them
And they'll just come back :/. All I can say is they suck.

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